1. Some of the Famous team attended this year’s NBA Game Presentation Workshop.

  2. I ♥ Ince Block Party
    The Famous Group & Blur combined resources, taking over their collective parking lot w/ live music, tacos, drinks, and tons of fun on a beautiful summer evening!

    photos by taken by Tony Rago & edited by Rozette Diaz

  3. See How to Train Your Dragon 2 in theaters, play our interactive flying experience!


  4. The Indiana Pacers have launched our Augmented Reality (AR) application, Pacers Games. Check out the 1st ground breaking game, Boomer’s Dunk Challenge!

    Apple Download
    Google Play Download

  5. Look what we found in the server room. It’s Red! Asus Vento 3600

  6. Paris is always spinning that social strategy!

  7. Coach Chewie

  8. A few months ago we had so much fun at the Sprint Center with the Vixi Pilot Installation.

  9. Chase Square at Madison Square Garden wanted an experiential showpiece that would dazzle and amaze the crowds as they funneled into the newly renovated entertainment complex. They called The Famous Group.

  10. We’re #OnTheClock at the NFL Draft

  11. How Famous does Chocolate.

  12. Happy Cindo De Mayo!

  13. Team Outing at Malibu Wines

  14. We were on-site at f8 2014 in San Francisco!

  15. We are very excited to be developing and working with this technology (Puzzle Wall) as it breaks the traditional boundaries of the common rectangular display.

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